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CFB 8043
  • Monday August 22nd 2022

Censoring Rude London Street Names

The London Dungeon’s Jester took to the streets of London this week, covering up the naughtiest street names in the city, after our latest out of home advertising campaign was censored.

D Is For Dungeon
  • Thursday August 18th 2022

D's for Free Dungeon Entry

As A-Level results were revealed, the London Dungeon offered a reward for anyone whose grades are bad across the board. We’re talking more D’s and E’s than Sweeney Todd.

Father's Day | The London Dungeon
  • Friday June 17th 2022

Father's Day

For the dad who has everything, get him the one thing we all need this Father’s Day… a place to rest after we pop our clogs!

Sour Flower Show | The London Dungeon
  • Sunday May 22nd 2022

Sour Flower Show

To celebrate the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, the London Dungeon’s own Queen, Mrs Lovett, launched her alternative Sour Flower Show, filled with flowers specifically designed to insult the recipient.

London Dungeons 60 2 (Edit)
  • Tuesday April 26th 2022

5 Debunked Myths about Witches and Witch Trials

We were forced to listen to “respectable” historian Malcolm Gaskill drone on about his favourite topic, Witches. Apparently, there are some unbelievably FALSE myths flying around and we want to dunk those myths in the water of cold, hard FACT.

Witch's Mark | The London Dungeon
  • Saturday April 2nd 2022

The Witch's Mark Service

On Saturday April 2nd, The London Dungeon launched the Witch’s Mark Tattoo Service for one day only

  • Tuesday February 1st 2022

Boris Johnson sentenced by The Judge for 'partygate' scandal

Boris Johnson has been a very naughty boy, hasn’t he?

The London Dungeon Pub
  • Tuesday January 4th 2022

The Top 5 Places to Drink on the Southbank

Hello to all the drunkards, pisspots and boozers out there (and there are a lot of you). After surviving the blood-chilling trials of The London Dungeon; you’ll be aching for a tipple to drink away your sorrows. Lucky for you, we’ve been conducting some “research” into the best establishments the Southbank has to offer.

RATBUSTER 5 Myths About Rats
  • Friday January 31st 2020

RATBUSTER: 5 Myths About Rats

Hello traitors! To ring in Chinese New Year - the year of the rat - we are most (dis)pleased to announce we'll be bringing back our infamous pop-up Rat Cafe at the end of this month. In honour of this, we thought we'd dispel a few myths surrounding our favourite Dungeon creatures. So, just this once, we'll allow you to get to know our furry friends a little better...

Victorian Christmas Traditions
  • Friday December 20th 2019

Victorian Christmas Traditions

We really have a lot to thank the Victorians for when it comes to the ways we celebrate Christmas in the UK today. No other period in history had quite the same influence on the festive season as the Victorian era did.