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  • Tuesday October 10th 2023

Who is Peter Moore? Everything you need to know about Exorcisms

In Honour of Halloween, we are taking a look through some of the most well-known exorcisms, including the exorcism of Peter Moore during Regency England. Read on to find out more... if you dare!

LD Halloween 1522
  • Tuesday September 26th 2023

Face your demons at the London Dungeon this Halloween

This Halloween gather your wits (and your Holy Water) and face your demons 1814 style at the London Dungeon’s brand-new show ‘The Exorcism of Peter Moore.’

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  • Friday September 15th 2023

Top tips for studying history

Read our top tips on how to get into studying History, with helpful tips on the best way to get ready for a career in history and getting ready for exams.

Sour Flower Show | The London Dungeon
  • Monday August 21st 2023

Top attractions for teenagers and family over summer

Schools out! With a few weeks left of summer, what better time to squeeze in some extra fun, mischief, and mayhem! We've put together a guide with all the top attractions for teenagers and families this summer, so you don't have to.

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  • Tuesday August 15th 2023

Horrendous at History?

With A-Level Results Day nearing, the London Dungeon will be offering free entry to students who get a ‘horrendous’ History result in their exams this year.

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  • Friday July 28th 2023

All you need to know about the London Dungeon

Learn about the London Dungeon history, facts and what to expect from your visit in our comprehensive guide.

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  • Tuesday July 4th 2023

Top London Historical Monuments

Discover our guide to the best and most famous monuments in London for your family trip.

Henry VIII
  • Wednesday June 28th 2023

The anniversary of King Henry VIII's birth

On the anniversary of the birth of King Henry VIII, we are taking a look back through his greatest achievements and tumultuous past, that makes him one of the most well known Kings in English history.

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  • Tuesday June 13th 2023

The best activities in London for families

Hello traitors! Discover an array of fun activities and different ways to spend the day in London including SEA LIFE London Aquarium, the London Dungeon's Guy Fawkes themed escape room, Go Ape, UK Bungee Club and much, much more.

Read on to plan your next gruesome (or not so gruesome) day of fun…

  • Friday May 19th 2023

"One of the most famous Queens in English history"

Anne Boleyn is widely considered of the most famous Queens in English history despite only ruling for 3 years. But who is she and why was she executed? We take a look back into the history of one of King Henry VIII's most dynamic wives and her tragic downfall.