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Can you believe the torturer that he wants to save you? Because otherwise you'll end up in the plague-infested streets of Berlin. You just have to reach the saving shore.

Experience Berlin's history live at Berlin Dungeon. Your task: Hurry up and escape the plague with the other visitors so that you don't succumb to it.

  • Don't lose your nerve, even a short raft trip has some pitfalls.
  • Don't stray from the path - or the pestilence will be waiting for you.
  • Take good care of your things, it could get very windy.

But what awaits you at the end of the raft trip? Will you successfully master the escape together with your companions? Or will you lose your way and end up in the 17th century Plagued Street, where the assistance is already waiting for you? Which part of Berlin's history will you experience next?

What you'll discover:

  • Are you going to master the escape successfully?
  • Where will the secret tunnels of Berlin in the 17th century take you?

About this show

You are in the 17th century.

Scary factor: 2/5

Will you successfully escape?