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Traitors gonna trait...

You will be welcomed into and prepared for 600 years of Berlin's glorious and horrible history by the Black Jester.


The unpredictable and highly-energised Black Jester will give you a taster of what is to come on your journey through the dark and unnerving Berlin Dungeon.

You will descend into the depths of the Berlin Dungeon in the old medieval and slightly broken lift - winched by grinding cogs and chains. Hopefully you will arrive safely in the 14th century of Berlin where knight Erich Valke is dying to tell you his story about the great fire of Berlin. 

What you'll discover:

  • Whether the lift actually works... good luck with that one!
  • Who's got a criminal nose
  • Who's the most scared (and likely to be picked on!)

About this show

You are on your way to the 17th century.

Scary factor: 2/5

Will the jester accompany you and your fellow sufferers on a journey through Berlin's dark history, or are you on your own?