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Facilities & Accessibility

Here you will find all further information about your visit to the Berlin Dungeon.

We offer exclusive tours of the Berlin Dungeon for that special occasion! Please see our Events section for further details.

We do not want to know what you like to do in your leisure time, but we kindly offer you the chance to take home your own private little torture device! The ‘chappy chopper’ for example is a great souvenir to a great day at the Berlin Dungeon – or even a perfect souvenir for a (male) friend!

Amongst these, we offer great souvenirs and gimmicks to take home your own little piece of the Berlin Dungeon.

What would a visit to the Dungeon be without capturing this experience on a photo! herefore, your snapshot will be taken when you start your journey. Simply review your photo of you and your mates at the end of you experience and take it home with you! Unfortunately due to distraction of our actors, special effects and in respect to our other guests, it is strictly prohibited to take photos throughout the tour.

Children aged 14 and below must be accompanied by an adult. Children aged 8 and below may not enter the Berlin Dungeon, and we recommend a visit for children aged 10 and above.

Male and female lavatories as well as a toilet with disabled access are located in the admissions area. Please use them before entering the Dungeon – we want to make sure you don’t wet yourself.

For reasons of safety we cannot allow to bring cumbersome baggage or suitcases.

In case you are worried about your state of health for any particular reason at any time, please ask a member of staff. We are there to help.

Safety regulations & accessibility

All of our visitors will get to enjoy our new Exitus show. The following ride on our freefall tower is optional - if you don't want to join, you simply walk past the tower.

For safety reasons, the following persons are not allowed to go on the ride:

  • People with heart problems, high blood pressure or pacemaker
  • People with neck or back problems or broken limbs
  • People unable to sit without help
  • People who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Pregnant women
  • People with reduced mobility who cannot get on and off the ride on their own
  • People who are not able to reach the next emergency exit without somebody's help
  • Blind people
  • Unattended deaf people
  • People who, due to their build, cannot be secured by the lap bar
  • People with a height of > 195 cm
  • People with a weight of > 100 kg
  • Children younger than 10 years and/or smaller than 140 cm