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The ghost of the Hohenzollern is waiting for you!

A gripping ghost story from the 17th century: The legend of the White Lady brought to life. Foreboding, fun, scary, TERRIFYING!

Take a seat as the mysterious crypt keeper tells the terrifying tale of the White Lady and the legends associated with this ghost. The appearance of the White Lady only meant one thing … definite death. Eerie wind will begin to rise and grow louder as a gate rattles and something seems to be knocking from inside a coffin - did something (or someone) just touch your face? Will you come face to face with the White Lady?

  • Be afraid, very afraid, in the eerie, dark crypt underneath the Berlin Cathedral
  • Let the crypt keeper tell you of the legend of the White Lady.
  • Hear your own beating heart as you could face the legendary ghost.

What you'll discover:

  • Who faced the White Lady in the 17th century?
  • Who was Anna Sydow?
  • Why was she incarcerated?


The history behind it

The actual real crypt located underneath the real Berlin Cathedral has been completely refurbished over the centuries and doesn't look anything like it used to in the 17th century. The truthful replication of the crypt in the Berlin Dungeon takes you back to 1619, it is as if you were really there at the time of the ruling Hohenzollern family. The tomb in the middle of the room is a replica of that of Friedrich Ludwig (1707-1708) tomb, who was the child of Friedrich Wilhelm I (1688-1740).

About this show

You are in 1690.

Scary factor: 4/5

Get spooked in the spooky, dark crypt below Berlin Cathedral.