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Who are you going to believe? The headless knight Erich Valke or his loyal servant?

In the dungeon of the courtroom gazebo “Gerichtslaube” in Berlin's Nikolaiviertel you are going to meet the accused arsonist of the great fire of Berlin which happened in the 14th century: the once brave and noble knight Erich Valke, or better what is still left of him…

After the ride into the depths of the Berlin Dungeon with the elevator of doom, the history about the great fire of Berlin in the 14th century awaits you.

The story takes place in the dark dungeon of Berlin’s “Gerichtslaube” of the 14th century. Many vicious people have been brought there before they were sentenced for their heinous crimes. This prison has been existing for several centuries now and many have been waiting for their sentencing, although being innocent. One of the inmates   attracted the attention in the 14th century and years later, they were still talking about him – the knight Erich Valke.

You are listening to the story of the beheaded knight Erich Valke, standing tightly next to the other lost fellows in the dungeon of the “Gerichtslaube”. He is accused of having set the great fire of Berlin on August 10, 1380. Up until now, this fire is said to be the worst that Berlin has ever experienced – it burned down everything, sparing only a few buildings. The electoral prince blamed him of setting the fire – HIM, the knight who loyally served his city.  The knight claims that his own loyal servant has betrayed him. The knight was on the run for 10 years – until a mighty army catched and beheaded him and locked him up in the dungeon of the “Gerichtslaube”.

So, what do you think? Do you believe the knight Erich Valke or his servant who was present during the knight’s capture and tells a completely different story?

The knight’s head and body are waiting now in the prison of the “Gerichtslaube”, facing the upcoming sentence. Now you have to hurry as the soldiers are on their way to the “Gerichtslaube”, ready to put the arsonist of the great fire of Berlin on trial. Escape them through the secret tunnels of Berlin in order not to be put on trial yourself. The sentences in the 14th century were not as painless a today…

Visit the Berlin Dungeon and decide for yourself – misjudgment or fair sentence? Betrayal or betrayer?

  • Don’t let yourself be browbeaten by the headless knight Erich Valke.
  • Form your own opinion about the true story of the great fire of Berlin in the 14th century.
  • Escape from the soldiers before their reach the “Gerichtslaube” in order to put the knight Erich Valke on trial.

What you'll discover:

  • Why was the knight Erich Valke on the run for 10 years?
  • What happened when the knight got caught in the year 1390?
  • Who was really responsible for the great fire of Berlin in the 14th century?