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Sausages aren't good for your health. Especially if you're in them!

Enter the slums of 19th century in Berlin and the Silesian Station Stalls, where a working girl tells tales of horrible human body bits appearing in sausages!

Have a seat in Großmann's flat and get ready to MEAT Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Großmann. Tremble with foreboding as his shadow appears and he suddenly whispers in your ear. Your senses will be heightened in this interactive meat and greet of the infamous serial killer. Will you end up as one of his tasty sausages?

  • Visit the most dangerous area in Berlin in the 19th century.
  • Meet the chatty working girl who tried to foist some sausages on you.
  • Make yourself comfortable in the flat of Carl Großmann.

Hold on to your body parts!

What you'll discover:

  • Why is the working girl dressed so revealing?
  • What is the butcher table doing in Carl Großmann's flat?
  • What were Großmann's sausages made off?

About this show

You are in the 19th century.

Scary factor: 4/5

Look after all your body parts very well!