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Are you brave enough for the drop into the unknown?

We have built Berlin’s only indoor freefall tower. Your heart will sink to your boots not only because you will meet scarily funny characters from 800 years of Berlin’s history – you will also drop 12 metres in total darkness!

You are suspected of colluding with Carl Großmann, the mass murderer. Will you manage to persuade criminalist Ernst Gennat that you are innocent? Prove yourself when you face Carl Großmann.

Sergeant Koch, an overly eager policeman, surprises you in Carl Großmann’s apartment. The latter was caught in the act next to his last victim Marie Nitsche. Also, the police discovered charred hands in his oven. All of this is sufficient proof for Sergeant Koch to arrest you as potential co-perpetrators and take you with him to the police headquarters near Alexanderplatz. There, you’ll have to hold out against Seargent Koch’s anxious interrogation. Seargant Koch reports directly to Ernst Gennat, a pioneer in the fight against crime, as he revolutionized the way in which police handles crimes. He established the basis for today’s homicide divison and for crime scene investigation, interrogated suspects thoroughly in his office and created a rogues’ gallery. Sergeant Koch is happy to test these new methods on you to provide sound evidence for Ernst Gennat. Ultimately, Gennat is convinced that he will only be able to see if you are guilty or not guilty once you meet Großmann in his cell. For this, you will have to face Berlin’s darkest drop into the unknown. Are you brave enough?

  • Withstand the interrogation!
  • Learn more about Ernst Gennat’s interrogation techniques.
  • Meet Carl Großmann in his cell.

What you'll discover:

  • How did Ernst Gennat get his suspects to talk?
  • How did Carl Großmann ultimately escape prison?
  • What was Ernst Gennat’s nickname?

About this show

You are escaping the 19th century.

Scary factor: 3/5

How strong are your nerves?