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Booking CARER tickets

  • Bookings on the day are subject to availability to avoid disappointment and for a Carer’s Ticket, buy your other tickets online (with a time slot) and book a carer’s ticket.

    Book your Carer Ticket Now and ensure you bring the relevant documentation as this will be checked on arrival.


For wheelchair users:

We have two flights of stairs inside which are accessible for most wheelchair types. Full details below.  

  • We admit 1 wheelchair user per hour, at each quarter past the hour
  • We can only admit wheelchairs if they are less than 300kg with both user and wheelchair weight included.
  • Wheelchairs must not be over the width of 27 inches wide and must be able to navigate tight angles and uneven flooring. Unfortunately we are unable to admit mobility scooters. 
  • Click here to pre-book a wheelchair timeslot.
  • All wheelchair timeslots must be accompanied with an attraction ticket. If you are unable to book a wheelchair timeslot and tickets at the same time, please visit at the time of your wheelchair timeslot.
  • We are only able to accommodate 1 wheelchair booking per timeslot.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to health and safety reasons, the sub-basement area of the Dungeon, which includes The Boat Ride, Tower Warden and Conspirator shows, is not accessible to wheelchair users. If you're unable to go to the sub-basement, you will bypass this area and continue with your tour.

    If a wheelchair user wishes to go to the sub basement they MUST be able to do the following:

    • be able to transfer themselves unaccompanied on and off of the Boat Ride
    • go up / down two flights of stairs unaccompanied
    • spend up to 8 hours without own wheelchair

For those with other mobility impairments:

  • We are a 90-110 minute walking experience and guests are required to stand for a majority of it
  • Seating is available in some shows, but due to the nature of the attraction and the demographic of groups we cannot guarantee priority seating

For those with autism and other neuro-diverse conditions:

  • We are not a scare attraction or a horror maze. 
  • We are a highly sensory experience with dark spaces, loud noises, flashing/strobe lights, pungent smells and jump scares
  • Some shows that incorporate potentially triggering lighting include: The Descent (at the beginning of the experience), Guy Fawkes (strobe), Plague Doctor's Surgery (blackouts and light 'stings'), Curse of the Witch (strobe), Mitre Square (flashing lights/lightning effect), Ten Bells (strobe and light stings) the Drop Dead Drop ride (strobe/flashing lights). If you cannot be subjected to strobe lighting, we would recommend you speak to a team member
  • At any point, during the tour, feel free to let a member of staff know if you or a member of your party needs to leave or take some time out

Hidden disabilities

Please note we are trained to recognise the Hidden Disabilities sunflower lanyard here at the London Dungeon and we have ear defenders should you or your fellow guests need them. Please talk to a member of staff at any point during the tour should you require any assistance. 


Sensory Guide

The London Dungeon is a highly sensory experience with dark spaces, loud noises, flashing/strobe lights, pungent smells and jump scares. We recognise this total immersion may be difficult for people who are Neurodivergent or have additional sensory needs. To help you be prepared for the experience, we have put together the following sensory journey which describes each different area of the attraction HERE.


For children and young infants:

  • We recommend the experience is suitable for children 12 years and above
  • Under 5s are not permitted into the attraction
  • Children over 5 will still be allowed in but this is at the discretion of the parent or guardian
  • Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 years and above

For pregnant people:

  • Pregnant people can take part in all 19 live shows at any time during their pregnancy that they feel confident to visit
  • The Tyrant Boat ride and the Drop Dead Drop ride are not suitable for pregnant people. Members of staff will be happy to show you alternative routes

For international visitors:

  • The tours are run only in English to cater to the vast majority of international visitors
  • Many non-English speakers still enjoy the sensory nature of our tours but may not experience the attraction in the same way as those proficient in English
  • Unfortunately, audio guides are not available at this time

To see our full Accessibility guide, click here.

Or to visit AccessAble for a comprehensive, interactive look at the attraction click here.