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Sensory Guide

The London Dungeon is a highly sensory experience with dark spaces, loud noises, flashing/strobe lights, pungent smells and jump scares.

We recognise this total immersion may be difficult for people who are Neurodivergent or have additional sensory needs.

To help you be prepared for the experience, we have put together the following sensory journey which describes each different area of the attraction:

Please note that some areas of the attraction will be themed differently depending on the season/time of year. For more details please get in touch with our guest experience team ahead of your visit:

The London Dungeon Sensory Guide

The London Dungeon is a highly sensory experience with dark spaces, loud noises, flashing/strobe lights, pungent smells and jump scares. There is low lighting throughout the attraction with some tight spaces and narrow corridors. Throughout the tour, audience participation is incorporated in each show to immerse guests in London’s gruesome past. Staff are trained to select guests at random, so if you do not wish to participate, please let them know and they will move on to pick someone else. Please note, staff are trained to recognise the Hidden Disabilities sunflower lanyard here at the London Dungeon and we have ear defenders should you or your fellow guests need them. Please talk to a member of staff at any point during the tour should you require any assistance.

Should you wish to enter the London Dungeon but later feel that you need to leave, please just speak to a member of staff or an Actor and they will assist – you are welcome to take some time backstage and re-join the tour when you are ready, or a manager will be called to facilitate your exit.

We recognise this total immersion may be difficult for people who are neurodivergent or have additional sensory needs. To help you be prepared for the experience, we have put together the following sensory journey which describes each different area of the attraction.


1. Admissions

Here you will enter and show or purchase your tickets. It can get quite busy in this area and sometimes there might be a queue to get in. If you need assistance at any point when queuing, then please speak to a member of the team.

  • See: Security scanner, Staff, guests, queueing chains, low lighting, barrels & skeletons, ticket machines, tills
  • Hear: Background music, security scanner beeping, loud noises in the sound track to jump scare, staff & guests
  • Feel: Glass, ticket machine screens, wooden counter, chains, pavement flooring
  • Smell: Food smells from outside, general attraction smells


2. Photo opportunity

Here you will have the chance to get your photo taken before heading into the depths of the Dungeon. If you wish to skip this part then please speak to a member of the team.

  • See: Staff, guests, stocks, an axe, camera flashes, green screen, Dungeon theming
  • Hear: Background music, camera clicking, guests, sound effects, staff
  • Feel: An axe, wooden stocks, wooden door, photo card given by staff, pavement/cobbled flooring
  • Smell: General attraction smells.


3. Toilets

Once you pass the photo point you will find the toilets including a disabled access toilet. These are the only toilets of the tour.

  • See: Dark theming and low lighting, entrance to toilets; male, female, and accessible toilets (red emergency cord), mirrors, hand dryers, sinks, staff and guests.
  • Hear: Sound effects, character voices, background music, guests, hand dryers.
  • Feel: Doors, handles, soap, taps, wooden signs, pavement/cobbled flooring
  • Smell: Cleaning products.

Rat Run

4. Rat run

Here you will see the monk/nun character and await your time to enter into the depths of the Dungeon. In peak times this area can get quite busy, please speak to a member of the team should you need assistance.

  • See: Props, monk / Nun character, theming, low lighting, wooden gate, mannequins
  • Hear: Monk / Nun character talking, background music, loud sound effects, guests.
  • Feel: Walls, wooden gate, cobbled flooring
  • Smell: N/A


5. Jester

Here you will hear the rules of the tour as you meet our resident Lift Jester as you begin your descent into the Dungeon via our lift. If you do not wish to use the lift then please speak to a member of the team who can take you down an alternative route.

  • See: Cogs, the Jester, wooden walls, lift doors, small stage
  • Hear: Mechanical sounds, jester, other guests
  • Feel: Pavement flooring
  • Smell: N/A


6. The Descent

Here you will begin your descent into the depths of the Dungeon. If you do not wish to use the lift please speak to a member of the team who can take you an alternative route.

  • See: Wooden walls, jester, strobe lighting, chains
  • Hear: Voice overs, mechanical sounds, jester talking
  • Feel: Wooden walls, floor shaking, wooden flooring and vibrations
  • Smell: General attraction smells


7. Conspirator

The Gun Powder plot is nearly afoot and there are traitors everywhere… A servant to one of the central conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot wants to rock the foundations of this country, ridding ourselves once and for all of King James and his Government! Will you help them?

  • See: Barrels, conspirator character, wooden door, candles
  • Hear: Talking, banging, cannon firing, guest screaming
  • Feel: Cobbled flooring
  • Smell: General attraction smells

You will go up 1 flight of stairs to get to the Conspirator's Walk


8. Conspirator's Walk

Beyond the city gates you enter a dark tunnel that winds back beneath the city of London. Dare you proceed? This area is the journey between Conspirator and Bates, were you will try and escape the King's guards and safely deliver the letter.

  • See: Stairs, low wooden beams, barrels, candles, cobwebs, figures, bars, very low lighting
  • Hear: Banging, screaming, sound effects
  • Feel: Cobwebs, low beams, pavement type flooring
  • Smell: Gun powder scent

Here you may potentially experience a jump scare


9. Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot

Who could resist the chance to BLOW UP PARLIAMENT? Obviously you shouldn't concern yourselves with a certain unlit fuse next to all the gunpowder. Just relax and enjoy the history… it's never been so explosive.

  • See: Barrels, Master Bates character, smoke, haze, character, projection of Guy Fawkes, lit fuse
  • Hear: Guy Fawkes, explosion, character talking, sound effects
  • Feel: haze, smoke, floor shaking, cobbled flooring
  • Smell: Gun power scent


10. The Torture Chamber

Now you find yourself in the Torture Chamber. The Torturer is looking for 'volunteers'. Prepare to be delighted and repulsed in equal measure. If you do not wish to volunteer please say no when asked and the actor will move on to someone else.

  • See: Cages, torture instrument, chair, guts, walls, fire, stage, skeletons
  • Hear: Sound effects, torturer speaking, screams, banging, metal clanging
  • Feel: Chair, cages, wooden doors, pavement type flooring
  • Smell: N/A


11. Plague Street

Here you will make your way through the plague ridden streets of London and up one flight of steps to the Pest House. Here you might potentially experience a jump scare.

  • See: Figures, bodies, skeletons, plague masks, cobbles, vomiting man, streets, wooden gates, clothes hanging
  • Hear: Sound effects, voices, water splashing
  • Feel: Water spray, clothes hanging, wooden slats and cobbled flooring
  • Smell: Plague smell

IMG 3447

12. Pest House

You’ve strolled along the stinking streets of London in 1665 with death and disease surrounding you, but it’s not only the plague you’ve got to survive, the bailiff has led you to a deserted pesthouse where you’ll spend 40 days and nights to escape the outbreak. This space can be quite crowded so please speak to one of the characters should you need assistance.


  • See: Wooden platform, windows, shelves, metal door

  • Hear: Character talking, voice over, sound effects, objects falling, smashing

  • Feel: Pavement type flooring, haze

  • Smell: Plague smell


13. Plague Doctor

It's 1665 and the Black Plague is rife. Once you’ve experienced the pest house, then you'll meet the Plague Doctor. Oh wait... he's dead. Let's not worry, the assistant is in charge and on the lookout for those infected.

  • See: Body, guts, benches, skeletons, leeches, blood, chair, curtain, hammer, flashing lights, blackouts
  • Hear: Vomiting, leeches, speaking, sound effects, gong
  • Feel: Leeches under the leather benches, air cannon, water squirt, wooden and cobbled flooring
  • Smell: Musky plague smell


14. Curse of The Witch

You’ll enter the bowels of Newgate Prison and witness Elizabeth Sawyer, The Witch of Edmonton, awaiting her execution.

  • See: Cages, witch, jailor, benches, wooden walls, chandelier, flashing lights, strobe, windows, portrait
  • Hear: Banging, voice over, music,  witch talking, air cannon
  • Feel: Haze, wooden flooring, metal cage, benches vibrating
  • Smell: Haze / Smoke

If you do not wish to be put in the cage, please say no when asked and the actor will move onto someone else


15. Poppins Court

  • See: Trommel spinning, figures, alley way, street, hanging washing
  • Hear: Music, voices, sound effects
  • Feel: Washing, cobwebs
  • Smell: Bakery smell


16. Mrs Lovett's Pie Shop

Mrs Lovett welcomes you from a stinking Fleet Street into her famous pie shop. She makes the best pies in all of London. She might even make YOU a pie!

  • See: Pies, bubbling pot, pie shop, bar, meat grinder, Mrs Lovett, hatch, body
  • Hear: Character talking, voice over, background music
  • Feel: Wooden flooring
  • Smell: Bakery smells


17. Sweeney Todd

Fancy a short back and sides? Looking for a hair cut? Sweeney Todd can see you now and Mrs Lovett's assistant is more than happy to show you in.

  • See: Chairs, darkness, window, Toby/ Flora
  • Hear: Voice over, screams, sound effects
  • Feel: Chair moving, air blowing, back pokes, neck ticklers, wooden flooring
  • Smell: N/A

If you do not wish to take part in this section, please speak to the actor and you can bypass this show


18. Mitre Square

It's 1888 in the foggy gas lit streets of London's Whitechapel and you can smell the fear in the air as a murderer is on the loose. Mary Jane Kelly updates you on the recent Whitechapel murders.

  • See: Streets, lampposts, Mary Jane Kelly, body, lightening, lantern, blackouts
  • Hear: Banging, background music, actor speaking, thunder and lightning sound effects
  • Feel: Cobbled flooring
  • Smell: Haze / Smoke


19. Mirror Maze

Quickly! The only way to safety is through the Whitechapel Labyrinth, a confusing maze of narrow streets. If you want to skip this section then please speak to Mary Jane Kelly who will be able to assist in showing you an alterative route.

  • See: Mirrors, people, models, Walls
  • Hear: Chains dropping, loud bangs, sound effects and voice overs
  • Feel: Mirrors, bricks, cobbled flooring 
  • Smell: N/A


20. The Ten Bells Pub

Let Waldren, owner of the 10 Bells, tell you the ultimate ghost story on a stormy night. Who was Jack the Ripper and will he strike again?

  • See: Chairs, bar, tables, windows, shelves, character, lighting, flashing light, strobes, blackouts, spotlights
  • Hear: Sound effects, loud bangs, thunder, rain sounds, character talking, air cannon, music
  • Feel: Air cannons, wooden flooring
  • Smell: N/A


21. The Courtroom

You must be guilty or very guilty to find yourself in this court room and the Judge has little time for your excuses. Who will get pulled up into the dock to confess their crimes? This show includes audience participation, if you do not wish to participate, please say no to the judge and they will move on to another volunteer.

  • See: Courtroom, candles, Judge, docks, books, portraits
  • Hear: Judge, banging, music, sound effects
  • Feel: Wooden flooring
  • Smell: N/A

IMG 3445 (1)

22. The Noose Room

Here you will await your punishment handed to you by the Judge. This is a holding area before the drop ride where a team member will give you instructions for the ride. If you do not wish to ride, speak to a staff member and you can bypass this section.

  • See: Ride signage, theming, hanging nooses, wooden doors
  • Hear: Voice over describing rules, sound effects, staff member giving instructions
  • Feel: Pavement type flooring
  • Smell: N/A

Image 5

23. The Drop Ride

Welcome to the Newgate Gallows. The crowd cheers and it's your turn to face the drop. The noose is ready as are the Judge, Priest, and executioner. The thrilling faster than gravity drop is the ultimate end to your Dungeon journey.

The drop dead is a freefall drop ride to your death in complete darkness. There are several restrictions in place for health and safety which are listed before entering the area. Guests who do not want to take part are given the opportunity to leave.

  • See: Gondola, lap bars, boxes, severed head models, ropes, staff member in costume, moments of darkness, camera flashes
  • Hear: Sound effects, voice over, background music, staff member explaining the rules, staff member giving instructions
  • Feel: Drop motion of the ride, metal bar, cushioned bar, hard foam seats, ride restraints, metal slatted flooring
  • Smell: N/A

IMG 3440

24. Photo sales

  • See: Photo screens, staff, barriers, carts, theming
  • Hear: Sound effects, guests talking, screams from drop ride
  • Feel: Barriers, pavement style flooring.
  • Smell: N/A

This is where you can view your photos. If you do not wish to view your photos you can skip the queue and head straight to the Tavern/Gift shop.


25. The Tavern

This is the end of your tour. Here you can get a drink, take a seat or buy a souvenir in the London Dungeon gift shop.

  • See: Bar, chairs, tables, piano, shop, drinks
  • Hear: Music, guests, sound effects
  • Feel: Tables, chairs, items in the shop, drinks, wooden and cobbled flooring
  • Smell: Snacks and drink smells