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Ride Accessibility Guide

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Drop dead ride at London Dungeon

What to expect

The London Dungeon has one ride within the attraction, The Drop-Dead Ride. This ride has certain Health and Safety restrictions which may lead to the ride being unsuitable for certain individuals.

The ride also contains extra sensory elements to assist in the telling the story of London’s ‘orrible past. For more in-depth understanding of these extra sensory elements, please refer to our attractions sensory guide.

This guide will inform you on important accessibility information for our rides, including ride restrictions, extra sensory elements, and key Health and Safety elements to ensure that all guests have relevant information to allow our guests to have a safe and enjoyable day at the London Dungeon!

Please note, tour dedicated ride team will still be on hand to help and offer assistance should you require it.

Accessibility FAQ

In order to experience The Drop Dead drop ride, for reasons of health and safety and in the event of a ride or building evacuation, guests who use a wheelchair or have mobility issues will need to:

• Be able to sit back and brace themselves
• Be able to get in and out of the ride without assistance
• Be without their own personal wheelchair in case of a ride evacuation
• Be able to use two flights of stairs in case of a ride evacuation

Guests with prosthetic limbs will need to ensure that they are secure.

Height Restrictions still apply after removal of prosthetic limbs

Height restrictions:

Drop Dead Drop Ride:
To ride - minimum 1.4m

If any guests do not meet this health and safety criteria, for their own safety, they will unfortunately be unable to ride the Drop Dead Drop Ride. However, an alternative bypass route around the ride is available
which will not impact upon the rest of their tour. We have an accessible toilet at the entrance to the tour. At the exit to the tour, the closest accessible toilets are found by The London Eye Ticket Office which is on ground level.

Ride Accessibility Guides

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Drop Dead Drop Ride Accessibility Guide