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In the middle of the 19th century, the high security prison Santa Fu was built in Hamburg to detain the worst criminals. It was meant to keep society safe from all the cruel and selfish people of the city.

Greed, envy, and malevolence often pushed the convicts into committing a felony. In Santa Fu, then, they were supposed to receive their just punishment. Yet how does life look like in a prison like this? Are the conditions inside as bad as rumored on the outside? In the Hamburg Dungeon you have the opportunity to enter Santa Fu and make up your own mind about the living conditions. The governor himself will give you a tour since running a prison does cost a lot of money and that money has to come from somewhere after all.

But your curiosity may lead you into trouble when you meet the frightful beings in Santa Fu – so you better watch out! One of the many cells houses Prisoner 13 and he not only looks dangerous. Don’t let him out of your sight because he was locked away for committing cold-blooded atrocities.


  • Get to know Hamburg’s infamous prison Santa Fu first hand.
  • Who was incarcerated in the high security prison?
  • Can you and your group escape from Hamburg’s notorious prison or will you have to remain detained for the rest of your life?



In the spring of 2018, one of the oldest parts of the Hamburg Dungeon was remodeled over the course of several weeks. The latest show “Santa Fu” revives a genuine part of Hamburg’s dark history: following several partly successful prison breaks, the penitentiary Fuhlsbüttel playfully received the moniker “Santa Fu.”

It's the 19th century you're visiting

Scary factor: 5/5

Meet Hamburg's notorious prison. Let's hope prisoner 13 likes you!