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Seasonal shows, always for a short time only!

We love to mix up the dark characters in our catacombs every now and then. In our seasonal shows you will experience an additional dark story of Hamburg's past. Always for a short time only.

So it's worth a visit, even if you've been to the Hamburg Dungeon before!


The dead of Kirchhoff have come to stay! At least for now... Due to the great ratings in our visitor surveys, we have decided to extend our autumn show indefinitely!

01 Nic Gruft 0127

The Dead of Kirchhoff

An island full of strange hills right in the middle of the Hamburg Elbe.
A deserted cemetery full of disturbing noises and ghostly apparitions. 
Legends of the dead that supposedly haunt homes, houses and streets looking for eternal rest. What really happened on the island of Kirchhoff?
Are those lurid stories actually true that people tell about the unquiet souls among the hills? 
Only during October 2023 will you have the chance to get to the root of this legend!

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