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We love to mix up the dark characters in our catacombs every now and then. In our seasonal shows you will experience an additional dark story of Hamburg's past. Always for a short time only. So it's worth a visit, even if you've been to the Hamburg Dungeon before!

"The Revolt of the Coffee Pickers", live at the Hamburg Dungeon starting March 1st!

Key Visual

The revolt of the coffee pickers

Only in March and April!
Hundreds of angry women shouting in chorus, chains of people blocking factory entrances - and finally threatening smoke above the coffee floors. What's going on in the Speicherstadt?
Hamburg's first real women's revolution is raging: the " revolt of the coffee pickers", who are rebelling against unacceptable working conditions, hard labor, unfair penalties and starvation wages.
The Hanseatic city, characterized by its maritime history and cosmopolitan flair, has a long and close relationship with coffee, the so-called "black gold". As an important trading center for coffee, Hamburg was and still is a center of coffee culture. The numerous cafés and roasting houses bear witness to Hamburg's love of coffee. But all that glitters is not gold - even when it comes to the black gold. We show the darker side of coffee processing in Hamburg in an additional show about the "Revolt of the Coffee Pickers", hundreds of whom protested in April 1896 against starvation wages and work hustle on the coffee floors.

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