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Drop Dead – Jump to freedom at the Hamburg Dungeon

The dark cell blocks of Santa Fu are now behind you. You have helped a prisoner escape – was this deed your very own sentencing or is there still hope left for you?

There is no mercy in Santa Fu and those who break the rules will get punished. You and your group have aided in the escape of the infamous Prisoner 13 and now you have to bear the consequences. A sadistic warden is hauling you off toward your future of lifelong imprisonment. Do you still any chance at escape? And the walls of the prison are very high, would you even be able to climb them at all?

Feel the fear and the adrenaline coursing through your body. The drop from our tower is a very special experience that you would not want to miss under any circumstances.


  • Are your nerves really as strong as you thought?
  • How does free falling truly feel?
  • Will we be able to escape from jail?



Our drop tower reaches an impressive height of 8 meters, plunging you into total darkness!

Huge hydraulic cylinders will lift you into the air only to drop you at a speed rate of 9.8 meters per second.



  • To ride our drop tower, you need to be at least 120 centimeters.
  • If you have a heart or spinal condition or if you are pregnant, you are not allowed to ride the drop tower.
  • Of course you are free to avoid the drop tower altogether!

About this show

You escape the 19th century

Scary factor: 3/5

You are on the run! will you lose your nerves?