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Enter, enter, you brave souls, and experience 600 years of Hamburg’s hysterically horrible history firsthand!

Our lift operator welcomes you to the fated lift that will transport you and your fellow travelers down into the dank dark catacombs of the Hamburg Dungeon. But beware: not everyone who may find their way into the deep tunnels down below the river Elbe will also find their way out again!

The shady lift operator offers you a first small glimpse at what awaits you on your journey through the depths of the Hamburg Dungeon. Know this, however, before you set out: the history of this Hanseatic town is dark and full of surprises! And not all these surprises are of the fun sort…

In over 600 years you will move from the late Mediaeval period to the 19th century. You will meet the legendary pirate Klaus Störtebecker, receive a very special lesson from our plague doctor and have a look at a beautiful and fully furnished room in one of Hamburg’s top locations, only to uncover the dark secret of Katharina Maria Wächtler hidden within.

The lift that sends you on your way may look slightly worse for wear, but rest assured, the groaning and creaking of the chains sounds more ominous than it truly is. 


  • What kind of characters lurk in the darkness of the Hamburg Dungeon?
  • Who are all these strange people in your group?
  • You will receive helpful tips on how to find your way out of the Dungeon. 
  • Good fortune or bad fortune? Which one will be your companion on your way through the Hamburg Dungeon?



At the Hamburg Dungeon we offer tours in English and German so the actor has to be able to switch languages from one group to the next. That requires a high level of concentration so that no matter the language, the groups will get to experience the same nerve-racking show at the Hamburg Dungeon.

About this show

You are on your way to the 19th century

Scary factor: 2/5

Watch out! You'll receive some helpful tips how to get out of the Dungeon alive!