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At the plague hospital at the Hamburg Dungeon it is now going to be a bit gruesome. The doctor is waiting for you and your group and will show you things you never even wanted to dream of! Spots, bumps, pus … yuk!

As tho the plague of 1350 wasn’t enough – close to half the population of Europe died back then, leaving piles of bodies for gravediggers to dispose of – in 1712 the so-called ‘black death’ returned to Hamburg once more. Out of the 70.000 residents of Hamburg, 11.000 people had to die. During this time of the plague, the Danes blockaded Hamburg with troops and ships in order to prevent further ships from docking and thus to prevent the plague from spreading.

You better prepare for an eerie encounter with our resident plague doctor at the Hamburg Dungeon. He will be all too pleased to describe to you the full extent of the plague in every miniscule detail in a very dramatic, descriptive and also somewhat disturbing manner.

Don’t worry, he is honestly happy to tell you about the plague. It is no coincidence that he is quite so bloodthirsty and enthusiastic – he genuinely enjoys what he is doing. And teaching you and your group is a particular honor!

Now it’s about time to get to the bottom of things!

  • Beware of squirting blood and pus.
  • Discover how the disease used to spread.
  • Watch how your friend assists our doctor.


  • How did the plague break out?
  • Are you the plague doctor’s next victim?
  • Why was the plague called “the black death?”
  • Which ones of the intestines are destroyed by this terrible plague?



This is one of the funniest and most popular shows of the Hamburg Dungeon. The actor will be interacting directly with your group and will surely have you dying of laughter.

Did you know that there was hardly anyone who was willing to take care of the sick and the dying? Due to that, the lower social classes were employed to tend to those infected by the plague – for instance convicts or prostitutes. The piles of bodies in the narrow alleys were the stuff of nightmares: mass graves, so-called plague pits, were established near today’s railway station Hamburg Dammtor or in today’s trendy neighborhood Sternschanze to get rid of the bodies.


About this show

You are in the year 1712

Scary factor: 2/5

What guts are destroyed by the horrible plague?