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Following the tunnel, you must now enter into the chamber of torture. In the year of our lord 1810, the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte had occupied the city of Hamburg and spies were presumed to be lurking around every corner. Fear was growing amongst the population and no one seemed trustworthy. The torturers of Hamburg were merciless, using any and all means possible to gather information and expose traitors. We hope you’re not one to easily get squeamish?

At the Hamburg Dungeon, the torturer waits in his chamber for you and your companions. It is his greatest pleasure to try each and every single method of torture on one of your group members. If you are lucky, he won’t pick you but another one of the volunteers. And if you are not, he will pick the one person you hold most dear to your heart.

It does not matter whether you are a criminal, a traitor, a heretic, or completely innocent, his torture instruments will coax a confession out of you. His instruments are always ready in his chamber of torture just waiting to be used. A scorching tongue teaser, a hook, or the pear of anguish – there are so many incredible tools to wheedle information or confessions out of potential spies. Because most people crack under pressure, especially if the torturer uses his favorite devices, the thumbscrews or the chappy chopper.

Rest assured: everyone is at the torturer’s mercy. He picks his victims with utmost care – and just about everyone could be next!

  • Let yourself be tied to the torture chair.
  • Watch how your companions beg for mercy.
  • Who will be chosen to get locked into the torturer’s cage?
  • Which horrible torture device is meant especially for you?

Once you have escaped the chamber of torture, the true danger begins and only one question remains: can you escape the great fire of Hamburg?


  • What happened to spies during the Napoleonian occupation?
  • Will you find out what exactly you could use the chappy chopper for?
  • How does the tongue teaser work?



The show takes place in a big semi-circular room with the group having to stand the entire time. As a result of this particular construction, the visitors are left with a constant feeling of unease since no one can escape the torturer in a room with no corners.

About this show

You are in the year 1810

Scary factor: 3/5

Will you stand up to the torturer and his fearsome tools?