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Visitor information Coronavirus / Covid-19

Visitor information Coronavirus

The Berlin Dungeon is temporarily closed.

If you have already booked tickets for this period, you can now change the date of your visit in our booking portal. This service is free of charge. You can amend your booking up to 5 times.


Due to the Corona Pandemic and the applicable distance rules, we have to adapt / restructure or replace individual shows. 
This may result in a shorter show length. 

The well-being and health of our visitors has the highest priority. Therefore, we ask you to observe the following to contain the Corona Virus:

  • If there are any signs of infection or contact with people with a confirmed infection, please contact the public health department and postpone your visit.
  • Please keep at least 1,5m distance to other guests
  • Please pay attention to the mouth protection regulations: wear a mouth and nose mask during your visit
    Attention: For the protection of our guests and staff we unfortunately cannot make any exceptions - if you are not able to wear a mouth and nose mask for health reasons, please postpone your visit with us!
  • Wash your hands regularly (min. 20 sec.)
  • Use our disinfection facilities at the entrance and within our attraction
  • Sneeze and cough in the crook of your arm
  • We ask for cashless payment
  • Do I have to buy an online ticket or can I buy a ticket on site?
    As a contribution to the containment of the coronavirus we have introduced strict capacity limits. This means that we can only guarantee a visit if the online tickets are dated or if the tickets are reserved for e.g. annual ticket holders. Without these, there may be a longer waiting period on site and we cannot guarantee the visit.
  • When do I have to book an admission ticket?
    The admission ticket entitles you to visit the attraction. The price already includes the reservation of a time slot, which must be selected during the booking process.
  • I have a discount voucher - how can I book an online ticket?
    It is also possible to redeem the coupon at the entrance ticket. To do so, please enter the number or the corresponding name under "Promotion Code" in the booking process.
  • I have a free ticket, it expired between 31.03.2020 and 30.06.2020. What do I do now?
    You can still come to the attraction with your free ticket until 30.08.2020.



  • I want to visit. What is the best way to buy a ticket?
    In order to control capacities we offer online so-called time window tickets. At each time slot we only allow a certain number of guests to enter our attraction to ensure that the minimum distance between all guests can be maintained at all times. On site, your ticket is simply scanned contactlessly from your mobile phone through a window/foil curtain by our staff.
  • Can I change my time window afterwards?
    Yes, from now on it is possible to amend your visit date up to 5 times via our booking portal. To register, you need the confirmation number of your booking and the e-mail address you used for the booking.
  • My desired date/time slot is no longer available. What should I do?
    If your desired date/time slot is no longer available, the maximum capacity in the time slot has been reached. For your own safety, you will have to choose another time slot.
  • I do not want to buy online. What options do I have?
    You still have the possibility to buy tickets on site at the box office. In this case we ask you to make a cashless payment.
  • I have already bought an undated ticket. When can I come to you?
    For these tickets we have capacities in every time slot. Feel free to book a time slot free of charge under "Tickets" so that you don't have to queue.
  • I have a voucher/free ticket. When can I come to you?
    For these tickets we have capacities in every time window. You can book a free time slot under "Tickets" to avoid queuing.
  • I am an annual ticket holder. When can I visit you?
    For annual ticket holders we have capacities in every time slot. You can book a time slot under "Tickets" free of charge so that you don't have to queue. 

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  • Does my child have to wear a mask too?
    Children up to the age of six years do not have to wear a mouth and nose mask in our hotel, as in shops, supermarkets, buses and trains.