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Official Guidebook

You’ll meet some of York’s most famous characters on your journey; but for the full story, there’s only one book you’ll ever need…

York Guidebook History

York's history

Discover all the important bits from the city’s 2000 years, from the Romans, to the Vikings and straight through to Guy Fawkes. You’ll find out all the legends, dispel the myths and find out all the bits that will make you go “come on, that can’t be real!?”

York Guidebook Interesting Facts

Weird facts

What crimes were punishable by death? Where do York’s most famous ghosts reside? And what were the most painful Torture instruments used back then? They say the truth is stranger than fiction, and trust us when we say: this book proves it!

York Guidebook Cosmetics

Activities, recipes and tutorials

Want to look like a plague victim? How about mixing up some history themed cocktails? You can even learn how to make a paper rat (squeak)! But you won’t learn how reading this, you’ll have to pick up the Official Guidebook.