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Pregnant Guests

Well, well,'ve gone and made a tiny peasant! Still want to have fun in York’s dark past? Don’t worry, we thought you might, so have some features (and warnings) in place.

Of course they can! But first we recommend reading this page so you know everything in place to make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible (within reason, we’re still a Dungeon you know).

Yes there are, so be prepared! But also, don’t worry. Our actors will never touch you or chase you, so you don’t need to be on edge. If you’re particularly nervous, try staying at the back of the group.

A few of our shows have special effects that we do not recommend for pregnant guests or those with back or leg issues. These can be found in the show Vengeance of the Vikings and Dick Turpin's Carriage. In these shows our actors will ask if any guests are pregnant, this is your cue to raise your hand and wave it wildly, to let them know you need moving to a ‘safe’ area.

Tell the actor. Do not worry about interrupting the show, our actors are trained to deal with any situation. If you feel unwell, or don’t fancy being picked out for a certain show, just let the actor know and we will do what we can to make you comfortable.

We are a scary & funny attraction, so expect to scream and laugh. If you have any questions on the day, just ask a member of staff. Also, our Plague Doctor is happy to do a check-up on you, but leeches will cost extra…