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  • Thursday 8th February 2018


The York Dungeon are offering a free service where they will dump your partner on your behalf.

Valentine’s Day is well known as a day of romantic gestures and big gifts, where couples will happily spend money on one another as a sign of their affection. But for those stuck in loveless relationships, or who are looking for a reason to save money, Valentine’s Day can be seen as an unnecessary burden, and a highly commercialised holiday.

That’s why this year, The York Dungeon are giving members of the public the chance to break up with their partner before the big day, and best of all, they will do it for you.

“For people stuck in a relationship they want to end, Valentine’s Day is just a big waste of money” says Performance Manager, John Andrews.

“So we decided that a break-up service would be the best way forward, in fact it will be our very own Black Jester who will dump your partner for you” he added.

To use their completely free service, users simply have to message The York Dungeon on Facebook with their name, partner’s name and the city or town they live in. A video will then be uploaded to The York Dungeon’s Facebook page, where the Black Jester will address those who are being dumped.

To save public embarrassment, only the first names of those involved will be used.

“We don’t want anyone being too publically humiliated, so we’ll only be using first names. After that, it’s up to whoever contacted us to deliver the final blow”.

As a reward, all those who use the break-up service will receive a 2-for-1 ticket code, so that they may bring a new friend or partner to The Dungeon if they choose.