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War of the Roses: The Bloody Battle

The Battle of Towton was a day of slaughter. Thousands of young men perished, leaving the green and pleasant land awash with blood. But the dead don't stay quiet, and they aren't finished yet.
War of the Roses The Bloody Battle


It’s 1481. An old soldier sits in Towton hall. Though the War of the Roses rages on, he is haunted by a terrible battle from 20 years ago. Burdened by the memories, he invites you to hear his tale.

It is a tale of two factions locked in a terrible cycle of violence of death. On that fateful day, thousands were slaughtered, staining these green and pleasant lands a deep and bloody red. Their corpses lie under the hall, their names lost to history. 

But the dead don't forget, and they have a message for you...