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5 Ways To Get Into The Halloween Spirit

  • Thursday 1st October 2020
Just because Halloween takes place on the 31st, doesn't mean you can't dedicate the entire month of October to the year's best holiday. Here's some handy tips to get into the spirit of the season. Let's get spooky!

No need for a massive intro! It's time to get in the mood for Halloween, and here's some top tips how!

1. Watch A Scary Movie

Get your magic talking image box on, and get something creepy on. For extra scares try: watching alone, in the dark, while it's cold, and perhaps with a dead body in the room.

2. Wear A Costume...Everywhere

Doesn't matter what, doesn't matter where. You could be a skeleton at school, a witch in the office, a zombie on jury service, the grim reaper at a funeral...we could go on.

3. Go Wild With Pumpkins!

Grab some of those seasonal squashes and start making use of them, they won't be around for long! Carve them, cook them, bake them, wear them, fashion them into shoes; whatever it is, make it count!


4. Scare Some Friends (or enemies)

There's nothing like a jump scare (we should know). So hide somewhere and scare your pals/parents/children (preferably not grandparents, because their hearts might not take it). Just be warned, they may try and scare you back.

5. Go To The York Dungeon 

Surprise! Obviously if you REALLY want to get into the Halloween spirit, then you need to brave your way through The York Dungeon. There'll be plenty of scares, laughs, pumpkins and surprises waiting for you. Just make sure you bring someone to hide behind...

Go Dark At York Dungeon