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"Stay together…danger lurks around every corner in Whitechapel. Keep your throats covered. Good luck!"

Oh no, The Ripper strikes again! Poor Mary Jane.

Quickly! There's no time to hang around, a storm is approaching and the dark streets are no longer safe. The only way to safety is through the Whitechapel Labyrinth, a confusing maze of narrow streets.

You'll feel like you're going round in circles (haha, you are!) but whatever you do, stay as far away from the screams as possible... move quickly now, no really... HURRY!


  • Whether you have a good sense of direction
  • Whether you can stay calm when there's panic on the streets?
  • Whether you'd really just prefer to go to the pub... the answer is YES!

All shows and rides are included with a ticket purchase. Guarantee your time-slot entry and SAVE UP TO 20% when you BOOK ONLINE in advance.

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Scary score is 4

You are in 1888 (way before contouring was on point)