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"It ain’t a good time to be working the East End..."

It's 1888 in the foggy gas lit streets of London's Whitechapel and you can smell the fear in the air as a murderer is on the loose.

Mary Jane Kelly updates you on the recent Whitechapel murders. See the most recent victim for yourself... it ain't a pretty sight.

As the grisly details of each Ripper murder come to light, Mary Jane suddenly has to dash - she has business to attend to. But hang on, who's the cloaked gentleman calling her over?

Time to head into the labyrinth...


  • How many victims there were
  • The grisly details of each murder
  • What the press received in the post as a "gift" from Jack

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Scary score is 3/5

You are in 1888 (way before contouring was on point)