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The criminal case of Hamburg’s  “Maria Katharina Wächtler“ is one of the most sensational cases of the 18th century.

Maria was accused of murdering her husband, cutting his body up into pieces and dropping these pieces one by one on her journey to Lübeck. The amount of evidence was damning. Maria, however, refused to confess. As a result, she was subjected to years of the cruelest forms of torture in order to extort a confession from her. The media and the public feasted on her ordeal and eventually her public execution. The case remains unsolved. Yet one thing is for certain: the tortured soul of Maria Katharina Wächtler is out for revenge and she plans on getting even with the judiciary, the media, and all of Hamburg’s citizens who laughed at her…


  • What was Maria Katharina Wächtler’s motivation?
  • How was she executed?
  • How was the press involved in the whole thing?



The show takes place in an abandoned room in which the visitors will meet the landlord. But the room is more than meets the eye. Furniture shifts and stirs almost as though moving on its own and you can never quite shake the feeling that you are not truly alone with your group and the landlord.

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You're in the 18th century

Scary factor: 5/5

Can you escape her wrathful spirit?