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"You now find yourselves in the Tower of London’s Torture Chamber, home of incarceration humiliation and pain..."

Abandon all hope, as you find yourself in the Torture Chamber. The Torturer is looking for 'volunteers'. Anyone need a good stretch?

Let's be honest. The Torturer is a craftsman... at least they use tools. Also, they are very practically minded and LOVES to teach - usually by demonstration.

Prepare to be delighted and repulsed in equal measure. Just remember, like any artist The Torturer has their sensitive side. (Actually, so do you... ask them and they'll show you where it is)


  • What pain and punishment looked like in the 1600s
  • Two uses for "The Pear of Anguish" - it's a bum clencher for sure
  • What the Chappy Chopper is for... we'll give you two guesses!

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Scary score is 3/5

You are in 1605 (long before Netflix.. yikes!)