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"The rats carry the fleas, the fleas carry the plague, the fleas bite YOU."

It's 1665 and the Black Plague is rife. Wander down the winding muddy alley past houses with red crosses, rotting bodies and black rats.

Suddenly you find yourself in the infamous "Pest House". It's the residence of... well... it may not matter. Try not to make too much noise. There's a fella here who'd like to die in peace - if his wife will let him! You'll be locked up for forty days and forty nights until you either die from the plague or manage to purge the illness from your grotty bodies... let's hope it's the latter!

Then you'll meet the Plague Doctor. Oh wait... he's dead (lol, totes ironic!). Let's not worry, the assistant is in charge and on the lookout for those infected. What can go wrong?


  • If you can survive forty days and forty nights in the Pest House
  • The symptoms of the plague
  • Which member of your group is looking a bit peaky
  • Where the Plague Doctor's leeches have escaped to..!

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Scary score is 3

You are in 1665 (and you thought Man Flu was bad!)