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"I’m Margery Lovett and if you really want to butter me up you can call me Marge… but don’t SPREAD it!"

Mrs Lovett welcomes you from a stinking Fleet Street into her famous pie shop. She makes the best pies in all of London. She might even make YOU a pie!

She's a gentle soul, except for the odd word when she becomes just a tad unhinged. Let's just say she's every so slightly in love with her very good friend Sweeney Todd, the infamous Fleet Street barber. Whatever you do, for your own sake, don't flirt with him!

During your visit you'll get to see a fine selection of Mrs Lovett's most popular pies. But what is her secret ingredient? Where does all that lovely, freshly butchered meat come from..?


  • A whole heap of pie-related puns
  • Just what goes into Mrs Lovett's baked goods
  • What will happen if you flirt with her Sweeney
  • What the trap door behind the counter is for..!

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Scary score is 2/5

You are in 1800 (selfies weren't even a thing. I know, barbaric!)