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Dungeon Keepers Combination Ticket Guide

We heard you criminals be wantin’ to visit The London Dungeon. That’s great news to us Dungeon dwellers as we ‘ave so many stories to tell and absolutely relish the chance to welcome more traitors through our ‘umble doors. We know some of you lot are duller than our lanterns so a few of our skeletons ‘ave come up with a guide for traitors wanting to descend into the Dungeon and *gasp* visit attractions above the ground.


If you manage to escape the depths of the London Dungeon, most traitors make haste and head for the heights of the The London Eye. Get this two attraction pass and you’ll ‘ave money left over to buy me a shiny new cell!

Or maybe you fancy taking pictures on your talky-boxes with famous traitors. We recommend high-tailing it to Madame Tussauds London with this two attraction pass and we won’t tell ya mates yer screamed on the Drop Ride. 


Can’t make up yer mind between Madame Tussauds London and the London Eye? Visit both after you emerge from the dark chill of the Dungeon with this three attractions pass, priced for a steal from £60. Haven’t got the energy to see all three in one day? All attraction passes are valid for 90 days. The things we do for you wrong uns’.

If you’re a lazy beggar and don’t want to trek to Baker St to visit Madame Tussauds London, visit our mates at SEA LIFE London with a 3 attraction pass. We’re both underground but that’s where the similarities end. We’ve ‘eard it’s a place where *shudder* the creatures live… in water.    


Bored are ya? Or maybe ya just love the associates of Dungeon Dwellers. Come see all four humble attractions on the Southbank: The London Dungeon, the London Eye, SEA LIFE London and Shrek’s Adventure! then jump onto the underground to Baker St to gawk at famous people made of wax. Now we know it isn’t physically possible to see all five in one day. So a reminder for those traitors with a short memory again, this five attraction pass is valid for 90 days. It’s yer choice which days you pick to visit within that time. 

Oh and you save some quid with this five attraction pass from just £90 for all five attractions. You’d be crazier than a witch in trousers if you didn’t grab this attraction pass right now!

Come on, what yer waiting for!?

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