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The residents here are a lovely bunch, no scratch that, WERE a lovely bunch… the Plague got to them!

Welcome to Plague Street in 1349. In this gloomy alley be sure to keep your eye out for signs of the Black Death with red crosses on doors, rotting bodies and black rats.


The Doctor’s Assistant will meet you along the way and bring you to the medic in his surgery, where you’ll be asked to take your seats before the Doctor will see you. (Here’s a hint – avoiding sitting next to anyone with a cough, they’ve probably already got the Plague!)


  • The in-vogue cures from 1349
  • Not-so modern anaesthetic!
  • What those leeches are really for


Pay attention to all of the cures for the Plague, you may need to use them for yourself

Scary score: 3/5

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