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Escape Room

You have 60 minutes - Can you break out and escape The Executioner?
Blackpool Escape Room Text

Escape the noose... Before time runs out!

Or will you lose your head under pressure and find yourself locked in the dark depths of Lancaster Castle to meet your fate? Are you ready for the ultimate escape room adventure - with a killer Dungeon twist?

Escape The Plague

About The Escape Rooms

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon Escape Room is a brand new experience, bringing together everything you love about Escape Rooms with a killer Dungeon twist.

In a unique feature, you will be led by one of the guards from Lancaster Castle into your prison cell. They’ll be checking on you from time to time, you’ll see...

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is renowned for the quality of the sets, effects and acting – the escape room will be no different. Round up the brainiest bunch you can find and discover whether you can outwit the guards and ESCAPE?

Dungeons Escape Room

The Escape

You and a maximum of 5 others have been sentenced to hang for Witchcraft and are due to be imprisoned awaiting your final drop. You’ve heard rumours of a secret passage out of the guards quarters, but could it be that easy…?

You are the rest of your incarcerated friends will be required to solve a series of riddles and puzzles in the hope of eventually escaping. You will need to do some searching within your cell and the guards quarters to find your means of escape.

The guards are due back in 60 minutes so what are you waiting for?

Escape Room Experiences

Choose a package:

Group of 2£45 (£22.50pp)
Group of 2£65 (£32.50pp)
Group of 3£54 (£18pp)
Group of 3£84 (£28pp)
Group of 4£60 (£15pp)
Group of 4£100 (£25pp)
Group of 5£70 (£14pp)
Group of 5£120 (£24pp)
Group of 6£78 (£13pp)
Group of 6£138 (£23pp)