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Escape Execution - Escape Room Experience

  • Various dates
  • £110 for up to 5 people


You have been sentenced for conspiring against King Henry VIII! The Executioner will be back to deal with you in 60 minutes... unless you escape, that is. Think you've got the guts to outwit The Executioner? Or will you lose your head under pressure and find yourself locked up in the Tower of London to meet your fate? Get ready for the ultimate escape room adventure only at the London Dungeon.

About the experience

The London Dungeon Escape Room is a brand new experience, testing your wits and mettle with a unique Dungeon twist. 

You'll be led into The Torture Chamber and sentenced to execution for conspiring against King Henry VIII...unless you can escape!

The Executioner will be back to deal with you in exactly 60 minutes... unless you and your incarcerated friends can solve a series of riddles and puzzles and escape.

What are you waiting for? Book now and show us what you're made of!


Depends how smart you peasants are! The games are designed to be challenging but work together; they certainly aren’t impossible. We may give you clues if you look like you’re struggling.

No, ya big wuss, its not intended to be scary, there will be moments of complete darkness and you will be locked inside cages so those not fond of small enclosed spaces may want to opt out.

Yourself, with a clear and sound mind. Your "friends." Your tickets. That sort of stuff. No funny business. No intoxication. And no mobile phones.

We might be tricksters, but your safety is always our number one priority. If you are experiencing an emergency, medical or...erm...otherwise, we'll let you leave. Escape room games will be monitored at all times - if you need assistance, just scream!

You should arrive on time for your time slot as we will not be able to accommodate any late traitors. If you arrive later than your start time, your spot will be forfeited, and you will not receive a refund. You will be collected from the Eye Lounge for your sentence, once you begin your game you will have one hour to escape, peasant. Do it in less? You’ll be almost as amazing as us. Emphasis on the almost. STRONG emphasis.

No! The executioner has a tight schedule and many heads to chop so he’ll need to know when to sharpen his axe.

Yes, but they would have to be part of the group, the London Dungeon is advised for those 12 and over.

Up to 24 hours before hand is enough time for your fate, if you want a certain date then it is on a first come first served basis so get in quick peasants.

We already know that your Sunday best isn't good enough, so we won't bother with clothing suggestions. No need for anything special.

Absolutely not, sinner! You will not be able to escape while you're under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No exceptions.

Unless you were raised by barbarians (50/50 CHANCE), you may have heard this before  - NEVER PLAY WITH STRANGERS!

Therefore, whether you're colluding as a pair, 5, or anything in between, you'll have the experience to yourself. No unfamiliar traitors will be added to your group.