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THE hangout spot for death row inmates!

We would like to challenge you to enter the gallows field of Amsterdam. A stroll through the fields is never going to be the same again. Will you be able to get out of here unscathed?

You’ll end up in the far corners of Amsterdam whilst fleeing from witch hunters and corrupt judges: the gallow fields!
The place where those sentenced to death hang around ... literally!

It looks like there isn’t a single living soul, apart from the crows, rats and other vermin. The smell of decaying flesh makes sure you are on your guard.

Then suddenly a dodgy individual appears right in front of you. Now the real misery starts.

Separated from your friends and loved ones, you’ll now have to find a way out of Amsterdam’s field of corpses. Will you be able to survive?

What you'll learn:

  • The feeling of fear, real fear!
  • How it feels to be separated from your loved ones while you want nothing more than to stay together.
Nightwatch Thumb Met Tekst

About this show

Scare-O-Meter: 4/5

Until 1795. And sometimes even later.

Try to find your way out of this forest of dead bodies. Hang in there!