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School Trips

You! Yes, you! Just look... you are so desperately in search of a school trip for those little brats in your class. How sad! Listen up! Have you ever considered an outing to The Amsterdam Dungeon? It is a unique and exciting attraction where you are swept up into the most perilous moments of Amsterdam's past. Who will go to the stake, or be forced to empty the toilet bucket on board of the Dutch East India Company ship? Whether they succumb to fear or the giggles, your little brats will be an experience richer. History class was never so thrilling and fun! Do you dare?

Tip: trust no-one! Not even your well-behaved students!

Pssst! Listen! Did you and your little brats survive The Amsterdam Dungeon? Then you can make your day out in Amsterdam complete for a great price with one of our combination deals. Maybe you want to catch your breath amidst the stars in Madame Tussauds, or to take a canal tour, or to enjoy a unique Flight Experience at This is Holland: everything is possible.

For bookings you can e-mail us at:

Please note: the booking must be made at least 24 hours in advance. We do not process bookings during weekends. We make bookings from 10 persons. Bookings can be amended up to 5 working days before the visit. After this we’re not able to process any changes.