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Judge (F) (2)

Are you guilty? Or VERY guilty?

Be prepared! You are on trial for some crazy crimes; from highway robbery to witchcraft… you will pay for your offensive offences.


If you find yourself in the Dungeon’s court of law, facing our fearsome judge, you must be guilty or very guilty! The judge has no time for your excuses and lies.

Everyone in this court is guilty; the question is ‘what of’ and what price will you pay for your mad misdeeds?


  • The difference between the judicial system of ‘the old times’ and the modern times.
  • What is on the guilty consciences of your fellow offenders.
  • Whether you are guilty or very guilty.

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Judge Thumb Met Tekst

Scare-O-Meter: 2/5

We are in 1571 (long before Judge Judy's reality show!).

You learn whether you are guilty or very guilty...