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Relax, this won't hurt (oh... wait)

Have no hope when you find yourself in the Torturer’s waiting room. The torturer will be searching for easy victims, like you, so make sure you’re as far away as you can be. We’re not joking – he likes to test his tools on people like you! 

Let's be honest. The Torturer is a craftsman... at least he uses tools. Also he is very practically minded and LOVES to teach - usually by demonstration.


  • What is pain and punishment Dungeon’s style?
  • What are the tricks of the trade?
  • What do your insides look like?

Torture Thumb Met Tekst

About this show

Scare-O-Meter: 4/5

It's 1545, 452 years B.N. (before Netflix !!!).

The martyr will teach you the tricks of the trade.