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The Amsterdam Dungeon can be visited in a wheelchair, however, a complete tour can not be experienced. Unfortunately you can not enter the last show due to technical effects of that show. The Amsterdam Dungeon is very dark and navigating through the attraction can be tricky. The Amsterdam Dungeon is not suitable for battery operated electric wheelchairs or scooters. We have a standard wheelchair available for use. Unfortunately we do not have a safe place to store electric wheelchairs or scooters. These will need to be pushed by a carer. Visitors with a physical disability need to be able to switch from their electric wheelchair or scooter to the standard wheelchair independently. We have three staircases, the first two staircases can be avoided through the use of a lift. The last staircase has a stair lift; the guest will have to be able to get into the stair lift independently to be able to continue the tour. The stair lift has a maximum capacity of one person with a maximal weight of 125 kg. For safety reasons we can only admit one wheelchair in the building at once. For groups with more than one wheelchair, we recommend you to contact us in advance so that we can discuss how we can accommodate your visit to the Amsterdam Dungeon. The Amsterdam Dungeon has mainly levelled floors throughout, although some of the floors can be uneven due to the nature of the attraction. A tour of the Dungeon lasts about 60 minutes, most of which you will be standing. 

Can carers visit The Amsterdam Dungeon for free?

If you cannot move through the attraction independently, you may bring a free carer. They can enter free of charge. However, the carer will need a (free) ticket and time slot. This must be booked 48 hours in advance via

The free companion ticket is tied to a purchased entrance ticket. You buy this ticket at the box office and receive a second ticket from us for free for the accompanying person. You therefore pay at the box office (and do not buy this ticket online).

Free carer ticket

To take advantage of the free carer ticket, you need to make a reservation in advance. This is necessary because in many cases our colleagues in the attraction cannot judge whether or not you are able to move through the attraction independently. 

How does the application work?

Email on what date and time you would like to visit our attraction. You can request one free companion ticket for each visitor with a (in)visible disability. To prevent abuse of the scheme, we ask you to send a document showing the disability along with your application. (disabled parking card, CIZ statement, public transport companion pass, etc.) We will confirm your request, which you will take to the The Amsterdam Dungeon entrance.

On presentation of this confirmation, you buy 1 ticket at the box office and we will give you the free companion ticket.