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What is The Dungeon?

The SF Dungeon, the better relation of the famous London Dungeon is a one hour actor led historical, immersive experience. Think haunted house but better, more SF history and more storytelling. No chainsaws or zombies here, just real life SF characters and dark stories brought to life by our cast of misfits and special effect.

Is it scary? Sure, we have our scary moments but you’ll also LOL. Okay for my kids? Hmmm we do dig into the darker side of SF history including the nasty bits….(our fav!) If you need a guide we’d say PG13.

Explore below the 10 shows and stories you'll experience....

Escape Room in San Francisco - Alcatraz: The Breakout

The Escape Room: Alcatraz Breakout (Separately Ticket Attraction)

Alcatraz: The Breakout is a thrilling, one-hour escape room game where you will race against the clock to solve puzzles and decipher clues to escape the most infamous prison in the world. Be speedy, peasants! Crack the code before the guard catches ya!

Located at Madame Tussauds SF, under the same roof as the SF Dungeon! Please note Alcatraz: The Breakout is a separately ticketed escape room not included in the one hour SF Dungeon attraction.

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