Yorkshire Rogues and Legends

Yorkshire Rogues & Legends

Famous Faces, Infamous Stories! Who Will You Meet?

This year, The York Dungeon is delving deep into the dark history of Yorkshire, to discover some of the county’s most terrifying true stories and the personas behind them. Taking place throughout the year, each show will explore the life and legacy of a different character from Yorkshire’s history and it’s up to you to decide, were they a Rogue or a Legend?

Explore each show below, featuring characters never before seen inside The York Dungeon.

RICHARD III – Hero or Villain?

From 21ST July 2018 – 2nd September 2018*

Now is the winter of our discontent, Made glorious summer by this son (see what we did there) of York.

The York Dungeon is returning to a time under the rule of Richard III (where he wasn't under a car park); but what kind of a King was he? Was he the hero of England, well-loved and just the victim of bad PR by the Tudors who hated him (especially that Shakespeare bloke)? Or is there more truth to his stage portrayal? Was Richard III the villainous, nephew-murdering usurper, who did unspeakable things to those that opposed him?

It’s time to make history; it’s time to decide for good, is Richard III a Hero or Villain?


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6th October 2018*

During the reign of Elizabeth I, Catholics were not well-liked in England (something about people thinking The Pope was trying to take control of England), to the point where just being Catholic could lead to some pretty horrid punishments.

Luckily people like Margaret Clitherow were around, who dedicated her life to hiding priests from the authorities in specially designed “Priests-Holes” in her house. Sadly, Margaret was eventually caught, and executed in the most horrific of ways.

Whatever you do, don’t get caught! Hide where you can and hopefully the law won’t catch you; if they do, you’ll be pressed for information…literally.


FROM 12TH MAY 2018 – 1ST JULY 2018*

Years ago, deep inside a dark cave, Ursula Southeil was born, and later became known as Mother Shipton. Throughout her life she was known to be 3 things; a prophetess, a witch and very, very ugly! She predicted events far beyond her time, including the Great Fire of London, the deaths of monarchs, and the end of the world as we know it!

What’s even stranger is that her place of birth has the uncanny ability of turning objects into stone; an ability that many believed could be used on people!

Feared and respected, Mother Shipton’s abilities seemed to be more than just legend…

So what will she see in your future? Good fortune or the most terrible demise imaginable!?

CARTIMANDUA – She’s a Killer Queen!

From 17th March – 29th April 2018*

Before the Vikings, before the Saxons, pretty much before everyone else, Yorkshire was called Brigantia and was ruled by the Celtic Queen of the Brigantes, Cartimandua. She was chummy with the Romans, and even divorced her husband Venutius, took his family hostage, and later had to battle against him after he tried to rebel against her Roman mates!

Show your loyalty peasants, those who love Rome will be in her good books, but those who betray her, will soon wish they hadn’t…

*Dates subject to change.