The Witch is Back - Isabella Billington

The Witch is Back


January 8th – March 2018

Returning to The York Dungeon for a limited time, is one of the most infamous women of Yorkshire’s history, Isabella Billington. Of all the crimes recorded in York, hers is probably the most terrifying and, strangest of all, completely true!

In January 1649, along with her husband, this Wicked Woman crucified her mother and burnt a calf and a cockerel as a sacrifice. Now behaviour like this usually points to one big fat crime (apart from murder): witchcraft!

Well now she’s been captured, and awaits her fate on the Knavesmire, to be hanged by the neck for her crimes. Step inside her cell, as you will be her last visitors.

But beware, Isabella is more than meets the eye. Is she innocent, or has she really made a pact with the devil?