The Goose and Gallows

The Tavern

Enjoy a drink or snack and take away a souvenir or two in our themed gift shop and bar.


An authentic experience inside our historic tavern, The Goose & Gallows. Find a seat and enjoy a drink or other refreshment as you readjust to modern life. What made you jump the most? Did you expect that one thing to happen? Can I get another drink?

Fun Fact: The Goose & Gallows is inspired by the past and present of York; The Gallows is reference to York Tyburn, where many criminals, including Dick Turpin, were hanged. The Goose is reference to the many Geese still seen today on the streets of York, but ours is clearly an exe-goose-tioner!


  • Stiff drinks available (but better have your ID to show you’re over 18, if you look under 25)
  • Get your Dungeon goodies in the Gift Shop area
  • This is your final stop on your journey; congratulations on surviving!
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