Ye Olde Yorke Inn

The Tavern


So you’ve survived your journey through The Dungeon? Well good for you! Now’s it's time to take a seat inside our very own Tavern. Sit back with a drink, take away a souvenir or two and remember your favourite (and scariest) parts of your journey.


An authentic experience inside our historic tavern, Ye Olde Yorke Inn. Find a seat and enjoy a drink or other refreshment as you readjust to modern life. What made you jump the most? Did you expect that one thing to happen? Can I get another drink?


  • Stiff drinks available (but better have your ID to show you’re over 18, if you look under 25)
  • Get your Dungeon goodies in the Gift Shop area
  • This is your final stop on your journey; congratulations on surviving!

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