The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor

Whoops… It seems that you should have avoided the boat yard on the River Ouse, it is riddled with the plague. Which is why you now find yourself in the Doctor's Surgery of 1551, filled with the sounds and smells of careful where you sit.


The Plague Doctor's Assistant is on-hand, and delights in demonstrating the full effects of the Plague in a graphic, theatrical (worryingly enthusiastic) and gross way. It's time to pull out the bits!

This is one of the funniest shows of the York Dungeon. But beware, no-one is safe from the effects of the plague. It doesn’t matter where you sit or who you hide behind, if the plague doesn’t get you, the deadly cures might instead.


  • How to spot the symptoms of the plague?
  • What are buboes?
  • What could cure the plague?