The King's Manor Labyrinth

The King's Manor Labyrinth

Make yourself known, and quick, to the Nightwatch of the Kings Manor! This eagle-eyed servant of the King is on high alert – only the night before did conspirators plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament! Fearful of treason, the Nightwatch needs your help but will you be able to find your way through the labyrinth?


The Nightwatch of the King’s Manor; they’re suspicious and alert, but unfortunately not very bright. In fact, they don’t seem to be very good at their job at all. Good thing a group of volunteers have just turned up.

The cellar of the King’s Manor has many twists and turns. Can you find your way out before you meet an explosive fate?


  • Whether you have a good sense of direction
  • If you can keep calm when the fear of treason is nigh
  • How stupid the Nightwatch can be