The Courtoom

The Courtroom

Pay attention you lot. You now stand in the presence of Lord Chief Justice Venerable Vernon Pollard IV, the most revered Judge in all of York, and they will find any and every guilty peasant in your group, one way or another! You cannot escape the long arm of the law.


The greatest/worst Judge in all of York; the Lord Chief Justice will pick the unluckiest (or oddest looking) peasants in the group to stand trial for some truly awful crimes. Don’t even bother avoiding eye contact, that’s the #1 sign of guilt.

Experience one of our most famous and funniest shows; you are encouraged to join in as much as possible. Boo, hiss, cheer and laugh at the criminals as they are chosen from your group. But don’t look too smug, it might be you heading into the dock.


  • Who has been naughty down Grape Lane
  • Who is in cahoots with the Devil
  • What severe punishments await such terrible crimes