Guy Fawkes

The Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes might have been caught underneath the Houses of Parliament but his story began in York, where he was born in 1570! And lucky for you, you're about to meet him, but unfortunately his plot didn’t quite go to plan.

Discover first-hand what really happened on the 5th of November, as well as what happened after. Don’t fret too much, this is an experience full of laughs, but also full of some proper gross details. Best cover your ears if you’re a massive wimp.


York’s most infamous son, Guy Fawkes, is waiting to tell you all about his past, from local schoolboy, to soldier and conspirator. But hang on, he’s got a mate with him, John Wright his old school pal was also part of the plot to blow up Parliament. So how did they both get caught?


  • How the plot failed.
  • Who were the conspirators behind the plot.
  • What happened to Guy Fawkes after he was caught. (Spoilers: it wasn’t nice)