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The York Dungeon Tour is discounted to £5.95 per pupil, with FREE teacher places and FREE familiarisation visits. We offer all the administrative support you need to make the visit a success. See our Prices section for details....


On 18th March, in line with the Government’s response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we took the decision to close The York Dungeon. This decision was taken to protect the health and wellbeing of you, your teams, and our guests.
For any school that has paid for their visit between 21st March and 1st June 2020 and wishes to cancel a refund is available. The Schools Team is contactable during this time to support on all booking enquiries. Please contact us via email at or phone 01904 404871.


For all school enquiries, please call: 01904 404871

According to the national curriculum, children should understand how knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources, so it’s time to ditch the books and take your students to The York Dungeon! Forget boring exhibits; experience a 75 minute journey through 2000 years of York’s murky history, as our full cast of historic characters (played by real actors) take you through every era from the Vikings to Dick Turpin and beyond! NEW FOR 2020 War of the Roses: The Bloody Battle delves into the infamous national conflict, telling the story of the Battle of Towton.


The York Dungeon offer schools & teachers the following benefits:

  • Exclusive discounted student price of £5.95 per pupil
  • 1 free teacher place per 10 students for Secondary Schools
  • 1 free teacher place per 5 students for Primary Schools
  • If more teachers are required, £10.95 per additional teacher (normally £16.95)
  • Add an educational and fun York city tour for an additional £3 per pupil
  • Add a Dungeon School pack with pencil case, stationary & souvenirs for £2.50 per pupil
  • Add a Dungeon Souvenir Guidebook for £1 per pupil (normally £3)
  • Need Help? Call our booking & information telephone hotline. We're happy to help

There are two ways to book & pay at The York Dungeon


Price Per Pupil

York Dungeon Tour


York Dungeon Tour + City Tour


Additional Extras

Price Per Pupil

School Packs (York Dungeon Pencil Case, Stationary & Souvenirs)


York Dungeon Guidebook


Booking Options

  1. Complete our booking form

    Please complete the booking form and we’ll get back to you within 5 working days. Charges and cancellations can be made to this booking up until point of payment but payment must be made 10 working days in advance of your visit date. Once bookings are paid, they are non-refundable and non-transferable. This booking option is only available for bookings at least 15 days in advance of the visit date.

  2. Ring our Horrible Team & Book by Phone

    If you require any further information or would like to make a booking over the phone, please call our team on 01904 404871. We’ll be more than happy to provide all the information you need to ensure you and your students have a memorable experience.

School Booking Form

Please Fill In Details Below


1 Teacher must be booked for every 6 pupils (KS1+ 2) or 10 pupils (KS3+)

If your group is split across different timed shows you will need to have a sufficient amount of teachers per show.

Each pupil will receive our School Packs (Official York Dungeon Pencil Case, Stationary + Souvenirs) for £2.50 per pupil.

Everything you need to know about York's dark history for £1.00 per pupil (normally £5.00)

By filling in the above you confirm that you are making a provisional School booking The York Dungeon. Your will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours detailing your order. Please note: Provisional bookings must be paid 10 working days in advance at the latest. If you require a price enquiry or have any general enquiries regarding School visits, please visit our School page here

Here's what you and your class can expect:

  • Immersive sets with gripping, historic story-telling, bringing history to life in a fun (and sometimes a bit scary) way
  • 11 interactive live shows, live actors, 2000 years of York’s history
  • State-of-the-art theming and special effects for each time period
  • 75 minutes of laughs and screams
  • Souvenir photo opportunity
  • Option to upgrade to an additional 1 hour city tour

The Dungeon is intended for older KS2 (years 5 & 6) and KS3 – this is a unique and fun way of bringing learning in the classroom to life. Curriculum linked subjects include Performing Arts, History & English.

The shows are based on the real history of York (minus the boring bits). You’ll get up close and personal to York’s more sinister characters including Guy Fawkes, the Vikings and Margaret Clithorow.

National Curriculum Links:

  • Pupils should develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British, local & world history (KS2)
  • They should note connections, contrasts and trends over history (KS2)
  • They should use historical terms and concepts in increasingly sophisticated ways (KS3)

Learning Outcomes

After the tour pupils should:

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of the chronology of events between Saxon times up to the ghost stories of the Golden Fleece in Victorian times.
  • Be introduced to famous faces of York’s murky past and be able to articulate their thoughts and feelings about said characters
  • Understand basic connection between local, regional, national and international history


Explore the history and tales of the streets of York with our actors, as they take you on a 1 hour walking tour of the City of York. Enjoy famous landmarks & scenery as two of our own actors play the quirkiest of guides.

Sights to include:

  • The River Ouse!
  • York Castle
  • Shambles
  • York Minster

National Curriculum Links:

  • Pupils should be taught about the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England (KS2) – Saxon King Aella and the Blood Eagle
  • Pupils should be taught about a study of an aspect of theme in British History (KS2) – Torture and Crime & Punishment
  • Pupils should be taught the development of Church, State and Society in Britain 1509-1745 (KS3) – Religious persecution between Catholics and Protestants.

Boring Bits

Designed for a class of up to 40 students, the city tour lasts one hour and is a great addition to The York Dungeon Tour.

The City Tour booking is an additional £3 per pupil on top of the basic £5.95 for The York Dungeon Tour.

You can book now and pay later by calling our horrible team on 0371 423 2260.

Alternatively, you can fill out a booking form.

We recommend factoring in a minimum a 2 hour 30 minute visit into your itinerary if including our city tour. If you have a question, please get in touch with the Dungeon team:

City Tours are only available on weekdays during term time and must be made at least 10 working days in advance of your visit date. Please be aware that no lunch room is provided with the City Tour package.


Let us help take away the torture of planning your school trip, with these resources and FAQ’s.


  • A tour suits groups with a maximum of 24 people, and last approximately 75 minutes. The time on your ticket is your entry time; this may not be the start of your tour. We advise that you allow 90 minutes for the attraction experience (3hr+ including city tours). If your group is larger than 24, they will be split over two tours, leaving 8-15 minutes apart.
  • We will always strive to send schools of their own private tour on a tour. Exceptions may need to be made during peak periods.
  • While in the attraction, students will need to be supervised at all times. We advise a minimum of two teachers per group, allowing for a chaperone if any young persons need to exit the experience.
  • Toilets are located close to the admissions entrance. We strongly recommend using the facilities beforehand - leaving the tour will result in parts of the experience being missed.
  • Though there are stairs, we are wheelchair accessible. For more information of terms and restrictions, please email
  • Mobile phones must be switched off, so as to not to disturb experience.

Classroom Resources

Our school resources are free and available on this website. We offer useful packs full of interesting and gruesome facts about historical events seen along the dungeon tour - aligned with the National Curriculum.

Since before records began, torture has been used  to punish / acquire information from unfortunate victims. The Dungeons showcase numerous (and authentically designed) devices of painful persuasion from the darkest corners of history.  These activity worksheets will help pupils understand how they were used within certain historical contexts. 

18th Century courts were very different from the ones we have today. Delve in deeper to discover and learn what crime and punishment was like in the 18th century. Through role play and re-enactment, pupils will quickly turn the classroom into 18th century courtroom.

Using the pupil worksheet, pupils will learn about the nature and impact the bubonic plague had on a medieval town and how people in the middle ages viewed the effects of the terrible disease. The children will write a detailed prescription filled with crazy cures for a sufferer of the plague.  

It’s medieval times and pupils will explore the strange and downright disgusting ways in which medieval medicine would have dealt with various conditions. Pupils will look at the range of individuals who could practice medicine and write a CV for a medieval surgeon.