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We're committed to helping teachers organise a fun (and educational) visit to our award-winning attraction. Our prices start from £5.95 per pupil, with free teacher tickets & familiarisation visits.

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According to the national curriculum, children should understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources, so it’s time to ditch the books and take your students to The York Dungeon. Forget boring exhibits; experience a 75 minute journey through 2000 years of York’s murky history, as our full cast of historic characters take you through every era from the Vikings to Dick Turpin and beyond!


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York Dungeon Tour


York Dungeon Tour + City Tour


York Dungeons Tour + Drama Workshop (Deadly/Viking)


York Dungeons Tour, City Tour + Drama Workshop (Deadly/Viking)



We take the torture out of planning your school trip with a range of helpful benefits:

  • Free Teacher Tickets
  • To help with supervision on the day of your visit, we supply free teacher tickets with every class. We offer 1 ticket for every 6 pupils for primary school groups, and 1 ticket for every 10 pupils for secondary student groups or older.

  • Priority Entrance Tickets

To ensure you won’t be kept hanging around on the day of your visit.

  • Free Teacher Inspections

Up to 2 teachers can take a look around the Dungeons and speak to members of staff prior to the visit. This can be arranged by emailing to discuss

  • Exclusive School Pack (optional)

For only £2.50 per child, the children will receive an exclusive York Dungeon pen, pencil and pencil case.

Learning Outcomes

Your pupils should walk away from their experience with the following:

  • Understanding of key events from York’s darkest history and connections to regional, national and international history.
  • Understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.
  • Confidence to get involved in audience participation.
  • Performing arts skills— role play, voice projection & characterization.
  • Social/interactive opportunities with fellow pupils

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1 Teacher must be booked for every 6 pupils (KS1+ 2) or 10 pupils (KS3+)

If your group is split across different timed shows you will need to have a sufficient amount of teachers per show.

By filling in the above you confirm that you are making a provisional School booking The York Dungeon. Your will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours detailing your order. Please note: Provisional bookings must be paid 10 working days in advance at the latest. If you require a price enquiry or have any general enquiries regarding School visits, please visit our School page here

City Tour: the ideal partner to a Dungeon Tour

Explore the history and tales of the streets of York with our actors as they take you on a walking tour of the city.

What better way to learn more about the darker history of York than by taking to the streets yourself? Enjoy famous scenery as two of our own actors play the quirkiest of guides, taking you to the sites of some of York’s most fascinating and stomach-churning tales (1 hour duration).

Deadly Drama Workshop: Our premium experience to complete your trip

Having laughed and screamed with our actors throughout their Dungeon tour; now it’s time to show us your skills! Students will be encouraged to get into character themselves by our professional performance team and show us just how convincing they can be.

With your very own professional performance coaches hot from The York Dungeon shows, your class will have a fun-packed hour learning to portray the distinctive characters they’ve met on their journey. This is a highly interactive Performing Arts workshop with a Dungeon twist, and certainly a stimulating way to get thinking about York’s dark history!

Or why not try…

Viking Drama Workshop (NEW)

Time to get in touch with the Norse within, in this brand new workshop that combines history, theatre and creative thinking. The Vikings didn’t record much of their history like we do now; it’s quite rare to find things written down. But they did pass down their stories and sagas in a different way: through story-telling and song!

Viking history was famously told through saga and song, passed down through the ages; now it’s time for your school group to bring those tales back to life.

  • Turn your class into a group of Viking Storytellers.
  • Take part in energetic warm-ups and exercises.
Experience how history & drama go hand-in-hand.

Teachers Resources

Our school resources are free, fun, useful packs full of interesting and gruesome facts about historical events seen along the dungeon tour - aligned with the National Curriculum.

Methods of torture have been used across the world for over 2000 years to punish or acquire information from unfortunate victims. The tools and techniques that you will see in the dungeons are all ways that torture was implemented and have been around for hundreds of years. These activity worksheets will help pupils understand how and why they were used at points across history.

18th Century courts were very different from the ones we have today. Delve in deeper to discover and learn what crime and punishment was like in the 18th century. Through roleplay and re-enactment the children will quickly turn the classroom into 18th century courtroom.

Using the pupil worksheet, children will learn about the nature and impact the bubonic plague had on a medieval town and how people in the middle ages viewed the effects of the terrible disease. The children will write a detailed prescription filled with crazy cures for a sufferer of the plague.  

It’s medieval times and pupils will explore the strange and downright disgusting ways in which medieval medicine would have dealt with various conditions. Pupils will look at the range of individuals who could practice medicine and write a CV for a medieval surgeon.