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Fundraising for a cause? Looking for raffle prizes? Have a question about how we can support your children's charity? All relevant information is below, or drop us a line at 


The Edinburgh Dungeon’s primary concern is for children. We are delighted to support Merlin Entertainments’ special children’s charity – Merlin’s Magic Wand – that supports children facing challenges of serious illness, disability or adversity around the world. By providing tickets and financial support in the form of travel grants, they help thousands of children and their families to have magical days out every year. For children who are too unwell for a day out, they deliver exciting experiences with their 'Taking the Magic to the Children' projects, ranging from sensory rooms to specially adapted playgrounds, including the first Dungeon Magic Space opened at Rowanfield School in 2018.

The Dungeon Magic Space at Rowanfield School

The Dungeon Magic Space at Rowanfield School

To find out more about Merlin’s Magic Wand, the eligibility criteria and how you can apply for tickets to The Edinburgh Dungeon, please visit:

Please note that Merlin’s Magic Wand works directly with children, families and organisations that will benefit from a day out and is unable to provide tickets to assist with fundraising through raffles and auctions.


Should you wish to apply for tickets for a raffle / auction etc to help with fundraising efforts please send a letter of request and a SAE to:

Charity Requests, The York Dungeon, 12 Clifford Street, York, YO1 9RD.

We will try to support as many charities as possible but due to the many requests we may not always be able to, therefore charities in and around York will be favoured more.