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Take your students on a 75 minute journey through 2000 years of York’s murky history, as our full cast of entertaining theatrical actors bring to life gripping stories of the city's most infamous characters and events - from 866 AD when the Vikings invaded to the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin in 1739.

With stunning special effects, authentic sets, witty comedy and a host of scary surprises lurking in the Dungeon, it’s a unique and fun introduction to a range of classroom subjects. But that’s not all; read on to discover what else is waiting for you…

Don’t forget: Entry prices for schools are heavily discounted to ensure you get the best value for money and Teachers go free with their students!

New for 2017: Viking Drama WorkshopViking drama workshop

Time to get in touch with the Norse within, in this brand new workshop that combines history, theatre and creative thinking.

The Vikings didn’t record much of their history like we do now; it’s quite rare to find things written down. But they did pass down their stories and sagas in a different way: through story-telling and song!

Viking history was famously told through saga and song, passed down through the ages; now it’s time for your school group to bring those tales back to life.

Turn your class into a group of Viking Storytellers, learn what a ‘kenning’ is, take part in energetic warm-ups and exercises and experience how history & drama go hand-in-hand.

They’ll discover Viking Sagas and the Skalds that told them, before learning and performing the epic saga of “Thor vs Hrungnir”. The students’ voice, physicality and characterisation will combine to create a Viking persona, that delivers a mighty performance to the whole group.

City Tour: the ideal follow up to a Dungeon Tour

City Tour of York

Explore the history and tales of the streets of York with two of our actors as they take you on a walking tour of the city.

What better way to learn more about the darker history of York than by taking to the streets yourself? Enjoy famous scenery as two of our own actors play the quirkiest of guides, taking you to the sites of some of York’s most fascinating and stomach-churning tales(1 hour duration).

Deadly Drama Workshop: Our premium experience to complete your trip

Having laughed and screamed with our actors throughout their Dungeon tour; now it’s time to show us your skills! Students will be encouraged to get into character themselves by our professional performance team and show us just how convincing they can be.

Deadly Drama Workshop

With your very own professional performance coaches hot from The York Dungeon shows, your class will have a fun-packed hour learning to portray the distinctive characters they’ve met on their journey. This is a highly interactive Performing Arts workshop with a Dungeon twist, and certainly a stimulating way to get thinking about York’s dark history!

The Deadly Drama Workshop is designed for students in three age categories: 10 – 12, 13 – 15 and 15+. Each age group is adapted to cater to their curriculum, with the 15+ groups focussing on more advanced theatrical techniques and processes.  

Proposed Itinerary - Spend a full day immersed at the York Dungeon

  • 10:00am Arrival and Tour of The York Dungeon
  • 11:20am Gift Shop and Refreshment
  • 11:50am Deadly Drama Workshop/Viking Drama Workshop
  • 1:00pm Lunch (Lunch facilities available for Gold & Platinum packages)
  • 1:30pm City Tour
  • 2:30pm Departure

CALM DOWN! This is just a suggested itinerary – of course we can tailor to your needs... 

Schools Pricing - Packages
  Ticket type Price
Bronze Tour of York Dungeon £4.95 £5.95
Silver Tour of York Dungeon & City Tour £7.95 £8.95
Gold Tour of York Dungeon & Drama Workshop £7.95 £8.95
Platinum Tour of York Dungeon, City Tour & Drama Workshop £11.95 £12.95
  • We offer free teacher/group organiser tickets when you bring more than 10 children to help with supervision
  • To book both drama workshops or to discuss bookings in the schools holidays, please contact

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